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A Guide to Fourth Degree Recruitment
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If you are over 18 years of age; a citizen of the country in which you reside; a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See; and you are a Third Degree member in good standing, it’s time to consider joining the ranks of the Fourth Degree. To learn more about the Patriotic Degree and how to join its ranks, contact your local Council, the Vice Supreme Master in your area, or the Supreme council today.

Join Us - The Time is Now

• To be a strong role model

The need for strong role models has never been greater. That's what the Patriotic Degree represents.

• To live, serve and protect the Truth

The Patriotic Degree is the pinnacle of Knighthood. We live, serve, and protect the Truth.

• To consider the Patriotic Degree

If you are a member of the Third Degree and in good standing, it's time for you to consider reaching even further with your faith. It is time to consider the Patriotic Degree.


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