Conduct an Invitation Program

The Patriotic Degree Membership Recruitment Invitation is a tool for making initial contact with eligible prospects. It is effective when used in tandem with personal follow-up that stresses the patriotic aspect of membership in the Patriotic Degree.

  • Order a supply of Patriotic Degree Membership Invitations (#2412) and envelopes from the Supreme Council Supply Department or create your own invitation.
  • Send invitations personally signed by the faithful navigator, to prospective Sir Knights.
  • Telephone the prospective Sir Knight within one week of mailing invitation, to arrange a home visit by assembly members.
  • Review materials - "A Call to Patriotism" flyer (#4135), assembly newsletter, etc.
  • Inform the prospect and his wife of the date and program of the exemplification and explain all their financial obligations.
  • Ask the prospective Sir Knight to JOIN the Patriotic Degree.
  • Answer any questions that prospective members or their wives may have.
  • Follow through with attendance at the exemplification; ad to future assembly meetings and programs.


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