Put Your Loved Ones First


During the month of January, we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves. What will our New Year’s resolutions be? How will we change our lives? What will 2014 bring for us?

But what about the ones you love? Is protecting them part of your plan for 2014? Sure, there’s a lot that you do to protect your loved ones. You make sure they’re safe. You make sure they’re taken care of. You do your best to make them happy. But what if you weren’t there for them?

What if you couldn’t be?

Many are afraid to think about life insurance because they’re afraid of their mortality. But life insurance isn’t about dying, it’s about helping your family to live if and when something should happen to you.

Life insurance allows you to continue providing for your family after you’re gone by seeing to it that they have the money they need to be as safe and secure as they have always been. It can provide mortgage protection, income replacement, retirement income, final expenses and so much more.

And life insurance doesn’t need to be a gift that you’ll never see given. Your family can benefit from your policy while you’re still here to see them enjoy it.

So this Valentine’s Day, when you’re out buying that box of chocolates or flowers for your wife to express your continued love for her, make a point to schedule time with your professionally trained Knights of Columbus field agent to get your wife a special life-giving gift that will help you to protect her and your whole family for decades. Find your agent today at kofc.org/findagent.