Disability Income

What if your last paycheck was your last paycheck?

Statistics tell us that 10% of North Americans between ages 18 and 64 have a disability and that there is a 33% chance of a person entering the work force today being disabled before they retire. As people earn more, the financial risk posed by a disability becomes more significant. Unfortunately, very few people have insured this risk. Seventy percent of employees in the private sector are not covered by any type of long-term disability insurance.

Ask yourself: “What is my largest asset?” Most people will say it’s their home. But, the fact is that, it’s usually their ability to earn a paycheck. Without this, all other assets are in jeopardy. If you lose your ability to work, what would you do?

Income Armor® from the Knights of Columbus can pick up where your paycheck leaves off.

Our Income Armor product is offered to members and their wives ages 18-61 (subject to underwriting requirements). Coverage cannot be cancelled as long as you pay your premiums when they are due. Premiums are not guaranteed and increases are possible, but only on a class basis.

Your base policy premium provides a comprehensive list of benefits, including:

• For Total Disability
• For Partial Disability
• Waiver of Premium
• Organ Donor
• Rehabilitation & Retraining

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