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Knights in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Knights in Action?

    Knights in Action consists of a series of brief reports about the grassroots initiatives of Knights of Columbus units. It serves as an information resource, from which members can draw ideas for service in their own communities. It does not include reports about exemplifications, awards, individual achievements of members, anniversaries or similar events.

  • 2. What kinds of events should we report?

    We welcome news of completed fundraisers, service projects and other charitable activities related to parishes, schools or wider communities. Please note that events reported must have already occurred. We do not publicize future events.

    With the Order represented by more than 1.9 million members in more than 15,000 units, we cannot include reports on things such as awards or honors received, exemplifications, anniversaries or officer elections — that is, unless acts of charity are undertaken in conjunction with these events (for example, a council might celebrate its 50th anniversary by donating 50 food baskets for people in need).

  • 3. Where are reports published? Will our report appear in Columbia?

    Some reports appear in the printed Knights in Action section of Columbia. However, because we receive a large number of reports and editorial space is limited, there are many reports that unfortunately cannot be published in the magazine.

    Columbia editors make every effort to publish qualifying reports on the Knights in Action webpage: kofc.org/knightsinaction. Together with the rest of the Knights of Columbus website, Knights in Action helps to inspire and inform both members and readers around the world.

  • 4. Who should report events?

    Any member is welcome to send in news about the good work of a council, assembly or circle, but please consult first with your grand knight or other council officers, as well as with the members involved, before submitting a report. This insures that the information is accurate and complete and that efforts are not duplicated.

  • 5. How do we submit a report, and what information should we include?

    Please visit the Knights in Action submission form here or write directly to knightsinaction@kofc.org.

    Although the published report will be concise, please provide any relevant details about your project, including: the name, number and location of your Knights of Columbus unit; the name of any partnering organizations or beneficiaries; and a description of the project itself, briefly telling who, what, where, when and why.

    All submissions are reviewed, and those that describe a qualifying project are formatted for posting online. The person who submitted the report will receive a notification about when and where to view the report.

  • 6. What makes a good photo for Knights in Action?

    Action! We are always looking for photos that do justice to the effort that councils, assemblies and circles put into serving their communities. To that end, the best Knights in Action photos show members engaged in the process of their projects.

    Action pictures let readers know just how hard members worked to repair a chapel, assist those in need or serve their communities in any number of ways. Such pictures tell your story with more force than a picture of a check presentation or a posed group photo.

    For additional photo tips, click here.

  • 7. How do you decide what reports are printed in Columbia?

    We try to print reports that reflect the variety of ways K of C members find to serve their communities. A thorough description of the project and great photos also increase the chances of a report being included.

    Please note that due to Columbia’s production schedule, seasonal events are generally reported only online. This allows us to report as close as possible to the actual holiday.

  • 8. How long does it take for a report to appear online or in the magazine?

    Reports submitted during the first half of a month are typically included in the web update at the beginning of the following month. Those submitted in the last week or two of a given month are saved for the subsequent update. For example, a report sent May 12 would appear at the beginning of June, whereas one sent May 25 would appear online in early July. Each month, the website is updated with new submissions, and the previous reports are archived.

    There is a longer queue for the Knights in Action section of Columbia than for the web. Reports chosen for print publication will appear in Columbia several months or more after submission. Because the length of the Knights in Action section can vary from month to month, we cannot predict in advance exactly when a specific report will appear.

  • 9. What if I have more questions?

    If you have a question about a topic not covered here, please write to knightsinaction@kofc.org or call 203-752-4186. Please also refer to the pamphlet “Your Story in Columbia.”