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Projects and Activities

Part of A Greater Good

Part of a Greater Good. Devotees of a Greater Purpose.

For the Knights of Columbus, civic involvement comes in many forms. Each election year, the Knights of Columbus sponsors campaigns that urge citizens to vote, and provides rides to the polls.

Serving Those Who Serve

Serving Those Who Serve

Knights of Columbus members give time and money not only out of a sense of duty and respect but also out of a sincere desire to show thanks to those who safeguard our country and preserve the very thing we, as Americans, value most: our freedom.


Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service (VAVS) Program

Our military personnel voluntarily act as the protectors of our nations, standing on the front lines while keeping us safe behind them. The Knights of Columbus acknowledges this unselfish act of patriotism by promoting the “Serving Those Who Served” programs.

9/11 Memorial

Heroes Fund: Rising Above and Banding Together

Understanding the dramatic impact on countless families, the day after 9/11, the Knights of Columbus established the “Heroes Fund” to provide immediate assistance to the families of civil servants who lost their lives in the rescue and recovery efforts.