Recruitment Strategies

Recruiting new members is essential to the continued growth and well-being of your council and the Order. Offering a man membership in the Knights of Columbus gives him the opportunity to improve his own life and his community. Membership allows him to experience the fraternal bond that Knights share while growing closer to his family and his faith.

For your council's recruiting efforts to succeed, you need to devise a plan of action and follow through on it. The "Action Steps" and "Support Materials" links to the right will lead you to strategies that your council can implement to execute a successful recruitment campaign and give you a view of the variety of materials available to you.

Use these ideas and materials: to help your recruitment efforts, to keep our Order growing and strong, and to give every qualified man the opportunity to become a Knight of Columbus.

Action Steps

This page is your guide to having a successful recruitment program in your council. The suggestions in the links below are proven winners. You should decide which ones offer the best opportunities for success in your council. These strategies are easy to organize and implement. If you follow all the steps described, you’ll be successful.

Review the programs outlined, take the steps to get organized, implement your program and follow through on it. Please click on the title of the strategy to view the Web page for each, and the "PDF" option to open a PDF file that you can print and distribute among your council members.

Remember, there are a lot of qualified Catholic men just wanting to be asked to join. Now is the time to take your first steps toward offering these men membership in the Knights of Columbus.

Recruitment Strategies PDF
Organize Your Membership Committee PDF
Build a Prospect List PDF
Conduct an Effective Church Recruitment Drive PDF
One-on-One Recruiting PDF
Recruit Using 2-on-1 Team Concept PDF
Hold a Church Drive PDF
Conduct an Open House PDF
Organize an In-House Open House PDF
Conduct A Membership Invitation Program PDF
The 24 Hour Knight PDF
Recruit Former Members PDF
Describe the Benefits of Membership PDF
Promote the Insurance Program PDF
Use an Admission Committee PDF
Schedule and Conduct First Degrees PDF
Recognize Council Recruiters PDF

Support Materials

To assist your council in its recruitment efforts, the Supreme Council offers a variety of membership-related materials for your use. These items are available free of charge (unless otherwise noted) when ordered in reasonable quantities.

Review the listing below to determine which items best suit your recruitment plan and then place your order via Supplies Online, the supply ordering portal available on Officers Online.

Print Materials

Title Number
Membership Document 100
Prospect Referral Card (To be completed by members) 921
Prospect Card (To completed by prospect) 921A
"These Men They Call Knights" overview booklet ($ 0.25 each) 937
Member Interest Survey  1842
"Become a Knight" place mats (In packages of 500 for $10) 1915
Pocket Flip Chart  2041
Membership Invitation with envelope 2599
Suggested Remarks for Membership Recruitment 10067
Family Fraternal Benefits flyer 2761
Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit flyer 2773
How to Design Council Brochure flyer  4125
Council Brochure Template  (In packages of 250 sheets for $5) 4242
Shining Armor qualification card  4292
Shining Armor certificate ($ 0.25 each) 4293
Shining Armor flyer  4297
Make a Difference poster 4498
Emergency Personnel Benefit flyer 4582
Military Personnel Benefit flyer 4685



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