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Our Commitment to Catholic Scouting

Through the initiative we are renewing our commitment to providing authentic and robust Catholic Scouting experience through parish-based troops. This carries on the Knights’ long tradition of supporting Scouting. While Knights of Columbus councils will no longer be the charter organization for Scout troops, we will continue to play a leading role wherever Scouting is an active ministry of the parish.

  • Knights of Columbus councils may play a leading role wherever Scouting is an active ministry of the parish.
  • All councils currently serving as charter sponsors should fulfill their current charter obligations while at the same time determining ways to transition the charter to the parish.
  • Grand knights and council youth activity leaders should meet with their pastors to determine the best course for Scouting as part of their ministry to youth.
  • All councils and members may continue their volunteer leadership and financial support for scout troops, provided it’s under the guidance of their pastors.

Each council’s goal should be to strengthen the relationship between the parish and the troop in order to provide for a more robust Catholic Scouting experience for all Scouts.

For more information about the initiative please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page.

National Catholic Committee on Scouting (United States)

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has developed an action plan to help councils transition Boy Scouts of America charters to Catholic parishes. Knights of Columbus council leaders should be in contact with Diocesan Catholic Scouting representatives for additional guidance and direction.