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Council Forms

A Better Way

The online Member Management application provides a new, more efficient, way for faithful navigators and faithful comptrollers to report Assembly Officers. The 3-Step process will have your officers assigned in no time. Learn more in this video demonstration (references to "Councils" also apply to Assemblies):

Streamed Video

The faithful navigator and faithful comptroller of every Assembly have access to a login account for our online Member Management application. Learn more about our online applications.

With the new application, there is no need to send the Supreme Council hard copies of the Form 186.  The faithful navigator and faithful comptroller can generate a PDF document of the Assembly report to forward to the district master and vice supreme master through an email account. The report can also be printed and sent by regular mail, but you need not send an additional copy to the Supreme Council.

If your Assembly is unable to take advantage of the new reporting mechanism, we ask that you use the PDF link provided to generate a “Print” version that will need to be mailed. The “Online PDF” version of the Form 186 is no longer available.

We hope that your Assembly will adopt this new reporting mechanism, and find it much more efficient than any other reporting method.


Online Applications

Member Management is one of many online applications offered through the Officers Online secure area of the Order's website.  Within Officers Online, faithful navigators have access to Reports Online, Program Calendar, Member Management and By-Laws Online. Faithful comptrollers have access to Reports Online, Program Calendar, Member Management and Member Billing.

Gaining Access

Faithful navigators and faithful comptrollers who do not have an account registered to access Member Management can create their account in a matter of minutes after receiving their Invitation Code.  To get your Invitation Code, have your membership number in hand, and contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 380-9995.  You should let them know that you are a faithful navigator or faithful comptroller and you wish to have an Invitation Code to register your account. Customer Service can also assist officers who have forgotten their username and/or password.

The brochure Your Guide to Information Security will guide you through the registration process.