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Social Media Basics

Did you know that 75% of U.S. adults using the Internet are also social media users*? With so many of us online and on social media, it makes sense for your KofC council (and assembly) to be there too. But how do you use social media for community outreach and engagement, rather than simply keeping in touch with family and friends?

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, it makes sense to start on Facebook. Your council should set up a Facebook Organization Page (not a personal profile), and designate two or three officers, such as the Grand Knight, the Recorder, and/or the Social Media Chairman, to act as Administrators. Administrators can post to your Organization Page as your council and respond to comments and messages the council may receive.

Your council can use a Facebook Page to share council news, advertise council fundraisers, share resources from the Supreme Council, and market opportunities to join the Knights of Columbus.

Three things are important for all Facebook Page Administrators to Remember:

1. Your Facebook Page is public. Anyone on Facebook can see your page, and all of your posts. This isn’t a place for private council business, or personal conversations among council members. You are representing your council, and the Order, and all content should be appropriate, positive, and follow the Knights of Columbus Member Social Communications Policy, which is available on the Officers’ Desk Reference.

2. Be positive! Don’t post content that speaks negatively of a person, group, political party, or idea. Instead, focus on the good that the Church, Knights of Columbus, and your council, within the parish, does. Share from the Supreme Council Facebook Page to add validity to your page, and always keep the values of the Order in mind when representing your council online.

3. Invest time in your Facebook Page! The more you post to your council’s page, the more people will be inclined to “Like” your page and follow your council on social media. Reply to comments and messages you may receive, in a timely and appropriate manner, especially from those interested in being members of your council.

Now that you know the basics, start a council Facebook Page and help your council be more accessible to your parish, community, and potential membership!

*Pew Research Institute, 2015

Knightline April 2016