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Where to Begin

With more than 80% of online adults using social media today, it can be a powerful tool to communication with your members, reach out into your parish and diocese communities, and recruit new Catholic men into the Order! The ever changing landscape of social media may seem daunting, but here are three steps to getting started:

Focus on Facebook. Contrary to popular belief, your council doesn’t need to be every social media platform to make an impact. Facebook is the “bread- and- butter” of the social media world. With 81% of online adults between 18-64 on the site, most of your members are probably already on Facebook! Developing a robust presence—by consistently posting relevant content and interacting with your followers—on one social media site is much more effective than operating accounts on several sites without consistent updates.

Know Your Audience. Your council’s Facebook Page is not its administrator’s personal account, but rather, meant to represent the council, and in turn the entire Order. It is also important to note that your Facebook Page is public. Content should be relevant not only to current members, but to potential members, your parish community, and other Catholics. Consistent posting about council events, charitable initiatives, parish activities, and Catholic news will increase engagement both online and on the ground.

Comply with KofC’s Policies. Because your council page represents the Knights of Columbus, it is very important that it remain a positive forum, with communications that reflect our Catholic values and protects the good name of the Order. The Knights of Columbus Social Communications Policy, found in the Officer’s Desk Reference on KofC.org, is a must-have guide for every council on Facebook!

Knightline, March 2016