Faith, Charity and Financial Security

The Knights of Columbus is one of the largest Catholic fraternal organizations in the world. What began with a handful of men in the basement of a church in Connecticut has grown into a global force for good, with nearly 1.8 million members spread across a dozen countries. And although the size of the Knights of Columbus has changed, the mission has not. Knights today – just as Knights then – are men of faith, committed to serving their neighbors and protecting their families.

For Knights, everything begins with faith.

Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in 1882, the Knights of Columbus has always been proud to be Catholic. Whether promoting nationwide prayer campaigns like the Prayer for the Church campaign for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and his successor, or the John Paul II Prayer Petitions drive – or sharing the teachings of the faith through Catholic Information Services, Knights of Columbus are men of faith.

It is from that faith that Knights derive their mission to serve their neighbor.

The Knights of Columbus is one of the world’s largest charitable organizations. Last year, Knights donated more than $158 million to charity and spent nearly 70 million hours of their time volunteering.

Knights serve locally, nationally and globally.

Locally, they help out their neighborhood food bank, assist their local parish and respond to community needs as they arise.

Nationally, Knights participate in programs that are held throughout the organization such as special partnerships with the Special Olympics and participation in Coats for Kids – a Knights program that has provided 30,000 brand new winter coats to children in need this past winter.

Globally, Knights have also spear-headed several charitable initiatives beyond the Americas, including communications and renovations projects at the Vatican, care and shelter for African children who are orphaned because of AIDS, and the gift prosthetic limbs to Haitian children who suffered amputations as a result of the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Financial Security
The Knights of Columbus understands that Catholic families need financial security in order to give rise to the Catholic families of tomorrow.

That’s why Fr. McGivney began the Knights of Columbus insurance program.

What started as a pass-the-hat insurance system to protect widows and orphans during the industrial revolution has transformed into a Fortune 1000 insurance company offering life insurance, annuities, long term care insurance and disability income.

The Knights of Columbus Insurance program has never been stronger.

Even in a weak economy, Knights of Columbus Insurance has not only maintained the highest ratings for financial stability from A.M. Best (A++, Superior), but has grown to record levels with more than $88 billion of life insurance in force.

Just as Knights are dedicated to serving their Church and community, our agents are motivated to help the brother Knights and member families in their area. Our insurance program is designed to put money in the hands of members, widows and children when they need it most.

Even More Than You Expected
So whether you’re looking to grow in your faith, serve your community, protect your family or do all three, the Knights of Columbus has something for you. Visit today to become a member.