Duties of a Proposer

Proposing a new member is a commendable achievement and one to be proud of. However, as a proposer, turning over a completed Membership Document (#100) is not the end of the job. You must also take the responsibility to see that your recruit becomes fully accepted by his fellow council members and stays involved in council activities. There are several steps you can take to ensure this.

  • Explain to him that the council's Admission Committee will examine his qualifications for membership and accompany him to the Admission Committee meeting. Introduce him to the members present.
  • After he has been accepted, escort him to his First Degree and remain with him throughout the event. Following the exemplification, introduce him to his fellow council members.
  • Take the newly initiated member and his family "under your wing". See that he learns council procedures, such as meeting times, committee assignments, etc. Introduce him and his family at council events. Encourage him to involve his family in council-sponsored activities.
  • Accompany your recruit to his Second Degree and Third Degree exemplifications and stay with him throughout the day.
  • Contact him before each council meeting and bring him to the meeting if necessary. If the new member becomes inactivate for some reason, try to find out why. Call and ask to visit with him. Explain your concern about his absence and offer support or assistance.
  • Encourage him to earn "Shining Armor" status within the council.

If the Knight becomes inactive, his proposer should work with the retention committee to find out the reasons for his lapsed interest and try to converse his membership.

With a little personal effort you can help guarantee that your recruit becomes an active member of the Knights of Columbus.