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12/30/2015 Majority of Americans  And Candidates of Both Parties  Say Christians Face Genocide in Middle East
12/17/2015 Pope Francis Meets with K of C Leaders
12/17/2015 Knight Recognized for Faith and Achievements
12/10/2015 New Documentary on St. John Paul II Premieres
12/9/2015 Testimony Calls for Policy Changes to Protect Christians and other Minorities in the Middle East
12/9/2015 Testimony of Mr. Carl A. Anderson before the House Foreign Affairs Committee
12/8/2015 Opening Mass for Jubilee of Mercy Broadcast
in Ultra HD
12/4/2015 State Department Urged Not to Exclude Christians from Middle Eastern Genocide Declaration
12/2/2015 Journey to the Inn
11/27/2015 Connecticut Knights of Columbus Distribute Kids Coats on Black Friday’