General News

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9/25/2014 College Knights Come to New Haven
9/16/2014 Statement of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson on the GAO Report’s Finding of Taxpayer Funding of Abortion under ObamaCare
9/10/2014 Public Responds to Knights' Initiative and Adds $1 Million to Christian Refugee Relief Fund
9/8/2014 Haitian Amputees’ Story of Triumph and Survival Featured at DocMiami International Film Festival
9/2/2014 Fifth Jurisdiction Formed in Mexico
8/28/2014 Haitian Amputees’ Story of Triumph and Survival Premiered at Portland Film Festival
8/11/2014 Knights of Columbus Announces Fund to Help Christians Threatened with Extinction in Iraq
8/10/2014 Relic Concludes East Coast Tour
8/7/2014 Order Announces Expansion to South Korea
8/5/2014 Supreme Knight Reports on Record Growth in Charity and Membership