2012 graduating class of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies

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John Paul II Institute 2012 Graduates

“And so as you prepare to begin a new stage in your work remember that what is most important about you is not the skills or accomplishments you have achieved in the classroom. What is most important about you is you — your witness, your character, your determination to carry on the work that is entrusted to every believer and which it is our privilege as a member of this intellectual community of the John Paul II Institute to carry on in a special way,” Supreme Knight Anderson said. “The promise of the new evangelization can be realized when the ‘splendor of Christ’ truly radiates from millions of Christian families. Each Christian family that opens wide its doors to Christ will be a place where his splendor is witnessed. And through these millions of little family cultures of faith we can mend the fabric of society and renew our Church.”

The Knights of Columbus has sponsored the Washington campus of the institute since its establishment in 1988. The Institute is based in McGivney Hall on The Catholic University of America campus.