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Resources for Promoting For Greater Glory


For Greater Glory Movie Poster 1 For Greater Glory Movie Poster 2 For Greater Glory Brochure

Please print and distribute the materials shown above in your community and parish, and on Web sites and social media sites, to help promote the new film For Greater Glory.

Along with distributing these materials, here are some other ways you can spread the word about For Greater Glory.

• Visit the official Web site -- ForGreaterGlory.com -- and use the share tools to connect with all your contacts.

• Like the official Facebook page -- www.facebook.com/forgreaterglory.

• Contact your pastors and request permission to place posters and flyers in local churches.

• Work with your Knights of Columbus council (or several local councils) to spearhead a group screening of the film.

• Organize "viewing parties" to see the film with friends, family and coworkers.

• If the film is not scheduled to open in your city, organize a group and purchase the tickets necessary to assure For Greater Glory comes to your town.