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This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Knights look to his niece’s pro-life work


Dr. Alveda King, a speaker at 2008 Walk for Life rally

Dr. Alveda King, center, was one of the speakers at the Walk for Life rally, 2008.

Alveda King, niece of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., believes her uncle would be forefront in the pro-life cause. This MLK Day, which falls just days after the 2019 national March for Life, take a moment to consider what King would say about abortion in today’s world — a world which treats babies in the womb as slaves, treated as if they were not human.

“My Uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once stirred the soul of our nation with a speech on the Lincoln Memorial. …

My Uncle Martin had a dream. It is my dream today.

For today, there is an entire class of Americans who face discrimination under law, who are treat like property, and who are regarded by some as sub-human. They are held by our courts as unworthy of legal protection, just as our courts once held slaves. They are innocent of any wrong-doing, yet persecuted because of who they are.

My Dream, shared by millions, is that our nation will rise up and correct these great injustices — injustices against those living in the womb. …

And so I ask, how can the dream survive if we murder the children?”

How Can the Dream Survive If We Murder The Children by Dr. Alveda King