Press Releases

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1/21/2016 Marist Poll: 57% Say Limit Abortion to Cases of Rape, Incest, or Saving a Mother’s Life
12/30/2015 Majority of Americans  And Candidates of Both Parties  Say Christians Face Genocide in Middle East
12/15/2015 By Wide Margin Americans Say ISIS’ Targeting of Christians and Other Religious Minorities is Genocide
12/11/2015 Ad Highlights Christian Fear of Genocide in Middle Eastern Refugee Camps
12/9/2015 Testimony Calls for Policy Changes to Protect Christians and other Minorities
11/24/2015 Connecticut Knights of Columbus to Distribute Coats for Kids on Black Friday’
11/20/2015 Knights of Columbus’ Gift Helps Connecticut Food Bank Make Thanksgiving Special
11/16/2015 Knights of Columbus Sponsors CRS to Help Educate Middle Eastern Refugees
11/3/2015 Knights of Columbus Surpasses $100 Billion of Life Insurance in Force
10/20/2015 Pope’s Catholic Values Resonate with Americans Even on Controversial Issues