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Father Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P.
Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development

How busy the months of May and June are for us: first Communions, confirmations, ordinations, graduations, new assignments, council elections, end of year budgets and countless meetings before the summer hiatus! For many of our councils, this is the time to attend various charitable events, remembering that the presence of our brother Knights at these events makes a huge impact.

“Going out” to serve, therefore, is one of the best opportunities for us to witness to the Good News in our fraternal year. But who will have the courage to speak? We pray with our brother Knights for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon each council, and beg that each ministry they serve will be renewed this Pentecost!

As Pope Francis said in his June 8, 2014, homily: “Without the Holy Spirit, none of us is able to say: ‘Jesus is Lord.’… It is the Spirit who lets us speak with people in fraternal dialogue. He lets us speak with others, recognizing them as brothers and sisters; to speak with friendship, with tenderness, with compassion, understanding the heartaches and hopes, the sorrows and joys of others.”

The example of the Blessed Mother and the gifts of the Holy Spirit must support all that our brother Knights do in these days. Pope Francis reminds us about “the Mother Church, who departs in order to serve. Let us remember the other mother, our mother, who sets out in haste to serve. Mother Church and Mother Mary: both virgins, both mothers, both women. Jesus was peremptory with the Apostles: Do not depart from Jerusalem, but wait until you have received the power of the Holy Spirit from above (cf. Acts 1:4-8). Without him, there is no mission, there is no evangelization.”

The preparation for Pentecost and the promised renewal of a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit provides the assistance we need. As Pope Francis says, the Holy Spirit leads us down the path of the living memory of the Church. “And he asks us for a response: the more generous our response, the more Jesus’ words become life within us, becoming attitudes, choices, actions, testimony. In essence the Spirit reminds of the commandment of love, and calls us to live it.”

May we encourage our brother Knights to boldly witness to the Gospel in word and deed, and may our Blessed Mother be our guide.

Vivat Jesus!


Fr. Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P.
Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development
(203) 752-4115