The Holy Family Prayer Program

Here are some suggestions to help your council in planning your council’s participation in the Holy Family Prayer Program.

Once you find out from your jurisdiction’s Marian Prayer Program chairman when your council is scheduled to receive the image, consult your chaplain and/or pastor about the service and set a location for the prayer service to be held.

Identify council members and clergy to fulfill the various roles called for in the prayer program.

Representatives of your council should attend the service at the council from whom you will receive the image and bring the image to your council.

Instruct the congregation to say the prayers at a moderate pace to ensure the service is truly reverent.

If possible, the choir leader should review the hymns with the congregation before the service.

Collect prayer books after the service to be sent along with the image to the next council.

No money should be collected nor should any social activity be held in conjunction with the service.

The grand knight should record the council’s program in the log book that accompanies the image before sending it on to the next council.

Additional copies of the prayer books and prayer cards used in the program can be ordered from the Supreme Council Fraternal Services Department.