Needy Children Receive New Winter Coats in Salt Lake City | Knights of Columbus

Coats for Kids


Salt Lake City – The “Coats for Kids” distribution in Utah’s Salt Lake City was successful beyond all expectations and proved to be an incredible experience, to the point that the event ran out of coats by the end.

Some of the children at the event came out with only blankets or hoodie sweatshirts to keep them warm, said State Deputy Ray Lopez.

“There were dozens of people in line for coats when we got there at 11:15, some of them since three hours before. The looks on the kids faces as they got new coats was fantastic, and the appreciation from their parents was equally gratifying,” said Utah State Advocate Andy Airriess in an e-mail following the event. “What a fantastic organization we belong to that gives us the opportunity to serve others in such a way. We're very, very lucky to be Knights of Columbus. Shouldn't every guy be as lucky?”

This is the third year that the “Coats for Kids” initiative of the Knights of Columbus has been giving new winter coats to children in need in Connecticut. Similar distributions are planned in cities and towns across the U.S and Canada this year.

The Utah Knights distributed more than 200 coats during the event.

The “Coats for Kids” program is part of the Knights’ Help a Child in Need campaign, which began in 2006 with a nationwide appeal during the Christmas season for donations to charities that support the needs of children. The initiative began as an effort to help families with children living in colder climates who have been severely impacted by the sharp and sudden downturn in the economy.

If your Knights of Columbus council is interested in participating in the “Coats for Kids” initiative, please complete the order form and send to one of the following:

  • E-mail to
  • Fax to 203-752-4108
  • Mail to

          Knights of Columbus
         Attn: R. Ennis, 12th Floor
         1 Columbus Plaza
         New Haven, CT 06510

Please note that all orders must be signed by the grand knight (for a local council), district deputy (for a district), or state deputy (for a state council), and that there is no need to enclose payment with the order. Once the coats have shipped, and shipping charges have been determined, the Supreme Council will ask for payment from the local council, district or state council. Please pay by check (payable to Knights of Columbus), and allow 2-3 weeks from receipt of the order for delivery.