World Day of Prayer for Peace - Support Materials

Councils, assemblies and circles are urged to organize events and activities on Sept. 11 promoting prayer for peace in the world, and recognize those individuals in your community who work to bring about true peace. It is also a time to encourage members and their families to take time out on this day for personal prayer and reflection.

To assist in these efforts, the following items are available from the Supreme Council office.

To order any of the materials noted below, please use the World Day of Prayer for Peace Material Order Form. Forms should be printed and faxed to the Supreme Council Supply Department at 1-800-266-6340. Please allow four weeks for delivery. The World Day of Prayer for Peace Poster and Holy Cards are available at no charge, when ordered in reasonable quantities.

Printed Materials
Title Number
World Day of Prayer for Peace Poster 9483
World Day of Prayer for Peace Holy Cards


Knights of Columbus Hereos Fund Poster 4339
Patriotic Service Award Certificate – U.S. 839
Patriotic Service Award Certificate – Canada 839-C
Patriotic Service Award Certificate – Philippines 839-P
Luke E. Hart Series Number
The Fifth Commandment

Veritas Series

A Spritual Rosary for Peace  319
Armed with the Faith: Catholic Prayer Book for the Military 364

Title Format
Heroes Fund VHS, DVD
A Day of Remembrance VHS, DVD