Create a Council Brochure

A great way to tell prospective members about your council’s activities is to produce your own council brochure. A well-designed brochure will focus the prospect’s attention on the programs your council conducts and the goals you’re currently striving to attain. You can even include information on the council’s history, so each prospect can get a sense of the legacy of the group of men he’ll be joining.

By printing your brochure on the full-color council brochure paper available from the Supreme Council Supply Department, your council will have an effective means of telling your story. The council brochure template paper (#4242) measures 8½ by 11 inches and is designed to make a tri-fold council brochure. It features the statue of Father McGivney, a painting of him, and a color version of the Order’s emblem. The rest of the space is left blank to allow you to personalize your brochure. You can order it from the Supreme Council Supply Department at a cost of $5 per package of 250 sheets.

Use this link to access a layout template for item #4242. You will notice that the layout includes information about the Order. Councils can utilize some of this information, but should add local activities, donation figures, and other personalized information.

Personalized council brochures are perfect to hand to prospects, or even to have available in the Church or council meeting place for interested prospects to pick-up and peruse on their own.

A council brochure can act like a business card for your council, telling your story, and emphasizing your success. Highlight your recent awards and recognitions, your donations and the volunteer projects on which you are working. Even obtain quotes from those who have benefited from your thoughtful service. In this fast-paced world, it's a great way for individuals to learn - at their leisure - about your council and how they might fit into it.

Creating a council brochure enables prospective members to take a piece of your council home with them. It also gives them something to read while on the bus or train. No matter where they read it, the accomplishments of your council will be highlighted for all to see.

Creating a council brochure is easy. Here are a few steps to guide the process. 

Choose What to Promote

Look at your council's programs and events and decide which ones you want to promote in the brochure. Consider these items: 

  • Service programs

  • Number of council members

  • Awards earned by the council

  • Council athletic activities

  • Scholarships the council offers to local young people

  • Charitable contributions

  • Culture of Life activities

  • A brief history of the council 

Include Orderwide Initiatives

Include Supreme Council programs, contributions, membership benefits and other Orderwide initiatives. Log on to the Order's Web site,, for information on Supreme Council programs. Consult Knightline, the "Supreme Council News" section of Columbia, and the Supreme Knight's Report from the October Columbia for information. Also, the sample brochure template above includes text on Orderwide programs that can be utilized in a personalized brochure.

Layout Designs

The most common type is a simple three-panel brochure using an 8.5" x 11" standard sheet of paper. To make the piece more attention-grabbing, dress it up with Knights of Columbus Clip Art which can be downloaded.

Fonts, Text, White space

Other ways to make your brochure more pleasing visually is to use different type fonts such as Times, Helvetica, Comic Sans, Courier, etc., and text styles such as italic, bold and reverse type.  Remember, the purpose of a brochure is to be read. If it isn't pleasing to look at, no one will pick it up. An easy rule to follow concerning content is: if it doesn't help the reader understand the message, then leave it out of the brochure. 

Promote your council and tell your story. Let all who read your brochure know of the great benefits that your parish, community, and members have received through your council. What better way to cast a light on the history of your council and to emphasize all the good works that you do?