Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Winners 2010-11

The 2010-11 Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest was a great success with close to 20,000 children participating throughout the Order.  Below is a list of this year’s winners, their local councils, and locations. To view the winning posters, please use the links below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the program for promoting awareness of the negative effects that alcohol and drug abuse may have on society. If you have any questions or recommendations for next year’s contest, please contact the Department of Fraternal Services at (203) 752-4703.

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Drug Abuse Awarness Winners

 8-11-Year-Olds  12-14-Year-Olds


1st Place - Monkeying Around
by Mitchell Mast
Council 2199
Hart, Michigan


1st Place - Don't Go With the Flow
by Quinn Vu
Council 11137
Santa Maria, California

2nd Place - Puppet Master
by Aimee Nguyen
Council 3601
Winnetka, California 

2nd Place - Gain & Loss
by Veronica Bates
Council 13449
Ovid, Michigan

3rd Place - Smoking Gun
by Luke Pearson
Council 12302
Spring Grove, Illinois

3rd Place - The Orphan
by Sarah Naraine
Council 11525
Scarborough, Ontario

Alcohol Abuse Awarness Winners



1st Place - Bottle Waddle
by Rachel Macairan
Council 6901
St. Poolesville, Maryland

1st Place - LA Tourist Bureau
by Madison Knott
Council 2657
Gonzales, Louisiana

2nd Place - Movie Star
by Madilyn Krentz
Council 10172
Henderson, Minnesota

2nd Place - Sea of Consequences
by Maddie Barnard
Council 12181
Sandy, Utah

3rd Place -Danger
by Lincoln Shon
Council 14446
Oakville, Ontario

3rd Place - Bloody Mary
by B'Elanna Rooney
Council 628
Locust Gap, Pennsylvania