Vocations Support Materials

In addition to supporting seminarians and postulants through the Order’s RSVP Program, councils, assemblies and circles are encouraged to conduct programs and activities that promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

The following vocations materials are available from the Supreme Council.

To order audiovisual productions, please contact the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services or order online.

To order the printed pamphlets, brochures and certificates, please contact the Supreme Council Department.



 Everyone Has a Vocation to Love. What's Yours? - DVD  50046
 Vocations to the Priesthood - DVD  50029
 Vocations to Married Life - DVD  50042
 Vocations to Religious Life for Women - DVD  50041
 Vocation to the Laity - DVD  50045

Print Materials


 Not to Be Served, But to Serve – Information on Church Vocations  827
 Vocations Prayer Card 1874
 Vocations Handbook 1942
 The Life and Legacy of Father Michael J. McGivney booklet 2045
 In Solidarity with Our Priests poster 4341
 Keep the Faith Alive Vocations Poster 2959
 Father McGivney Vocation Poster (18 by 24 inches) 4173
 Father McGivney Vocation Poster  (11 by 17 inches) 4174
 Vocation Table Prayer Card 4175
 Set of Six Columbia Vocations Ads 4179
 Vocations Bookmark - "One Good Priest Can Make a Difference" 4200
 So You Think the Lord Might be Calling You flyer  4215
 K of C Mexican Martyrs  – Six Saints 4229
 In Solidarity with Our Priests flyer 4360
 K of C Mexican Martyrs – 2 Blesseds 4535


Other Vocations Supplies


Number  Price
 In Solidarity with Our Priest Buttons (package of 50) SWP-1  $8.50



To order the following booklets, please contact the Supreme Council Catholic Information Service.

 Luke E. Hart Series

 Introduction to the Sacraments  112
 Holy Orders and the Anointing of the Sick  117

When ordering materials, please use the online request form when available; or mail or fax a Requisition Form (#1) to the respective department.

Orders made online or faxed in should not be mailed because it may result in duplicate order. Please allow four weeks to ensure delivery by the event.

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