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During Christmas prep, put faith in focus

During Christmas prep, put faith in focus

We’ve got one week of Advent under our belts, and the Christmas preparations are probably in full swing. It might seem like pop Christmas carols have been dominating the radio since the beginning of time.

But we’re still in the first half of this liturgical season, trying to take a little time for reflection and preparation. Keep reading for two missions that challenge you to make the most of Advent’s opportunities.

Second Week of Advent – Faith

This week, we focus on faith. Without faith, after all, Christmas is just a big party. With faith, we look forward to it as the celebration of an amazing, cosmos-changing event. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us (John 1:14.).

That’s worth getting ready for.

1. What’s a great way to prepare for Christmas? Praying the rosary, especially the Joyful Mysteries, which take us from the Annunciation through Christ’s childhood. Use this Scriptural Rosary for the Family booklet to say the rosary this week.

2. As you prepare for Christmas, it’s also a time to extend the gifts of the Church to others. Think of a friend who may not have a religious practice, or who has fallen away from the Church, and invite him or her to Mass.