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College Council Supply Orders

College councils receive free fraternal supplies from the Supreme Office. In order to take advantage of this benefit, grand knights and financial secretaries should submit a completed College Supply Order Form (#10769) to college@kofc.org for processing. Please note that college councils still pay shipping on all supply orders.

In addition to normal council supplies (candidate’s kits, membership cards, envelopes), be sure to check out our line of college specific materials. We constantly strive to update and add to this list and welcome any ideas for materials that would be helpful to your efforts on campus. Contact us at college@kofc.org with any ideas or suggestions.

College Council Brochure Item # 4606 (English, Spanish, French)
College Council Poster – Leadership Development Item # 4733 A
College Council Poster – Be The Difference Item # 4733 B
College Council Poster – True Brotherhood Item # 4733 C
College Council Poster – Spiritual Formation Item # 4733 D
College Council Poster – Building a Better World Item # 4733 E
A Prayer for Study Item # 4791
College Councils Guide Item # 10224
A Man for All Seasons - Study Guide Item # 10346
Judgment at Nuremburg - Study Guide Item # 10347
On the Waterfront - Study Guide Item # 10348
We Were Soldiers - Study Guide Item # 10350
Henry V - Study Guide Item # 10468
Liberating a Continent - Study Guide Item # 10492
For Greater Glory - Study Guide Item # 10559
Shane - Study Guide Item # 10771
Into the Breach: College Study Guide Item # 10458
College Supply Order Form Item # 10769
College Councils Faith in Action Addendum Item # 10770