Building the Domestic Church With Holy Family

Get Involved!

Faith In Action Program Model
The new program model takes its inspiration from the Building the Domestic Church initiative, and it greatly emphasizes the faith and spirituality of all Knights of Columbus. In other words, the foundation for this program model is the Building the Domestic Church initiative. Those councils that thoroughly implement the Faith in Action Program will be living and exemplifying the Domestic Church.

Be a Leader
Take a leadership role in your council, your family and your parish in becoming the Domestic Church. It's what we signed up for as Knights of Columbus. By choosing to be Knights, we have chosen to be different from secular society and to live our faith boldly.

Living as the Domestic Church is extremely effective. Throughout all of Judeo-Christian history, there has been nothing more effective at evangelizing the culture than regular, everyday people choosing to live their faith at home and in the public square. Salvation history was changed forever by a family.

Encourage your brother Knights to live the Supreme Chaplain's Monthly Challenge. It allows all Knights of Columbus to be united in a simple challenge each month to live their faith.

Make intentional choices based in prayer. Each time you choose to live your faith and refrain from activities that pull you away from God, you are living the Domestic Church.

Teach others and exemplify that it is the family and council who prays together, goes to Mass weekly, frequents the Sacrament of Confession and (because they realize they are powerless without God), deliberately avoids that which pollutes their minds and hearts.